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The website owners do not own the rights to any Supermarionation or Hypermarionation materials. This is a fansite dedicated to the television shows, aiming to provide information and enjoyment to other fans.

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This web site has been created and maintained by L A Stanton as a part of her working web development portfolio. The cartoon-style images have been created by Ems Stanton. Please do not copy or hotlink our material.

Site Rules:

1. No swearing or offensive language
2. No innuendo
3. No intimidating or unsettling other members
4. No rudeness to other members
5. Bear in mind that people of any age can view or join this site.
Try to imagine a child of your own reading anything you post - is it suitable?
6. Please try to ensure that your posts are clear and easy to read - avoid slang, "txt" style typing and where possible please check your spelling.
These rules apply to the forum posts and PMs, MSN (or similar) chats, Facebook and Twitter.